Cloverfield Fan-Film Connects The Entire Movie Universe

//Cloverfield Fan-Film Connects The Entire Movie Universe

Cloverfield Fan-Film Connects The Entire Movie Universe

A new Cloverfield fan film titled Megan has been released online featuring Rings actress Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz. While the film may only be eight minutes in length, the film successfully ties together the entire Cloverfield movie universe.

Fans are still waiting for a fourth entry in the series, or better yet a true Cloverfield sequel. This year’s The Cloverfield Paradox was thought to be the movie to answer questions pertaining to the monster’s origins and the big question of why it attacked New York. While The Cloverfield Paradox did indeed have connections to the previous films, it was ripped apart by critics and raised more questions than answers. The third film, which was originally titled God Particle, was supposed to be released in February 2017 but the movie was delayed several times before it was launched on Netflix following Super Bowl LI… This led many to worry that Paramount didn’t have enough faith in the film and just decided sell it. Now with the release of Megan, fans have a more stitched together connection than The Cloverfield Paradox could have ever hoped to provide.

The sole focus of the first movie was the giant monster that rampaged through New York and the inhabitants of the city. 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t show any monsters until the end of the movie and even then, it was not the creature that fans had hoped to see. The second Cloverfield film for the longest time was thought to have turned the Cloverfield movies into an anthology type series. The Cloverfield Paradox changed things up, suggesting the series was actually dealing with multiple dimensions that were the result of a space experiment gone wrong. Despite this, the actual nature of the franchise’s narrative connections was unclear.

Megan, on the other hand, is able to connect the movies by simply focusing on Stambler’s daughter and the lore of the deep-sea drilling company called Tagruato. The film references the Black Knight and Hatsui satellites, the red flash that was caused by the Shepard particle accelerator, and of course, Slusho!. The film also includes the character Ganu Yoshida who is the CEO of Tagruato. The final scene before the end credits also ties directly to the second film by showing a ship that shares similar characteristics to the one at the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

While Overlord has been confirmed to not be a part of the series, Cloverfield fans can only hope a true sequel comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime, fans will have to sit tight and enjoy fan-film such as this one.

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